Marc war hier: Uniformen OTTO

Neue Witsemänn-Jacke vermessen lassen.



  1. +10

    First Tailor Shop check-in in one year!

  2. +10

    Wow! That’s 5 check-ins at Tailor Shops!

  3. +10

    Wow! You’ve checked in to Uniformen OTTO 5 times!

  4. +10

    Welcome back! You haven’t checked in to Uniformen OTTO since January ’17.

  5. +6

    Clothes? TREAT YO SELF! Fragrances? TREAT YO SELF! Messages? TREAT YO SELF! Mimosas? TREAT YO SELF! Fine leather goods? TREAT YO SELF! 🎶It’s the best day of the year🎶

  6. +6

    You’re the mayor!